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For your convenience, a veterinarian is on call after hours.

Salt Creek Veterinary Clinic

Routine Care

Our clinic offers routine care, such as tooth floats, health checks and treatment of injury and illness.

Herd Health Comes to YOU!

We offer a variety of herd health services where we can come to you including bangs vaccinating, pregnancy checking, trich testing, fertility testing and more!

Diagnostic Testing

We offer a variety of diagnostic tests including fertility tests, Coggins tests, general chemistry panels, and more.

Pregnancy Services

We offer ultrasound pregnancy checking.  We offer dystocia assistance for difficult calvings to include C-sections if necessary.

X-Ray & Ultrasound

We offer ultrasound and digital x-ray services, as well as, in-house radiology processing and reading.

Health Certificates

Our clinic offers health certificates for Wyoming and South Dakota.


We offer a full range of bovine and equine vaccines including: west nile virus, tetnus, brucellosis (bangs), and more.

In-House Pharmacy

We have a wide variety of prescriptions and herd health products available.

Large Animal Services

Primary Pet Care

We offer primary pet care for all of your pets' wellness needs.  Annual wellness checks are a great way to prevent dental and physical issues, as well as diagnosing many illnesses in the early stages.

Testing & Lab Work

We offer both on- and off-site lab work for a variety of diagnostic tests including blood glucose, T-4 testing, chemistry panels, cortisol tests, and more!

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering can extend the life of your pet and prevent many types of cancer.  It can also help prevent many hormone-related medical and behavioral issues.

X-Ray & Ultrasound

We offer ultrasound and digital x-ray services, as well as in-house radiology processing and reading.


Appointments preferred. Just give us a call during our normal business hours to schedule cat and dog vaccinations.

Dental & Oral Care

Poor dental health can lead to more than just bad breath!  Dogs can develop abscessed teeth, receding gums and infections from tarter build up.

In-House Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy is equipped to handle just about all of your pets' pharmaceutical needs.  We also carry a variety of prescription diets and nutritional supplements.

Small Animal Services

On call veterinarians for emergencies

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